Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Some random Welly pics

These are some pics taken on recent rides, from the bike. Sorry for the poor descriptions, if I find out more info I'll post it. No-one at work had much of a clue either... and they call themselves locals.

Me on Salley Alley, Makara Peak. (Ok, I didn't quite get back on the bike before the self-timer went off, but the colours are cool...)

The trees have eyes. Makara.

Makara Beach, a desolate, windswept hamlet on the tip of the island.

Me shadowing Mike.

Looking towards the South Island from Makara Peak. The snow is disappearing pretty quickly. The wind up there was gale force on Monday, so Ridgeline was out of the question.

Scorching Bay, looking across to the Chocolate Fish Cafe, which is closing down at the end of the year...strange, it seems to do a booming trade.

A big building, I think it's on The Terrace.

And this is The Terrace, a cool street in the CBD.

In Civic Square behind the Library.

Me and Mini Me riding home from work, Shelley Bay.

Down on the Harbour foreshore, for sure.

The Marina, down by the Harbour.

Also at the Marina, taken from the Frank Kitts Bridge. The Michael Fowler Centre in background.

More big buildings, this time in Lambton Quay, CBD.

Te Papa Museum, I really must check it out sometime.

Coming and going. The Interislander on it's way to the South Island, more Aussies arriving over Lyall Bay.

Church on corner of Dixon and Willis Streets.

Metalwork at it's best, Michael Fowler Centre.

On Lambton Quay.

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