Monday, October 22, 2007

Like I'd never left...

....either Australia or NZ. My five weeks in Oz were most enjoyable, catching up with friends, family and animals (covers most of my friends). Johnny K's wedding was fun, as was Steve's 40th, but no fun was the funeral of Suze, my ex-boss's daughter, who unfortunately died way too young. Not the best way to catch up with my old workmates.

So I flew back to Wellington on Friday, and have been coughing and wheezing ever since. I was straight back into work on Saturday, not planned but I felt obliged to help out the guys as they were down on staff. Sunday dawned one of the most beautiful days ever, anywhere. I rode the Langster in knicks and a jersey, a far cry from the multiple layers required in the depths of winter. I picked up a new camera in the morning and put it to good use... most of these pics were taken from the bike, on the move.

This was the view which greeted me at the top of my street... fairly calm, and warm. Across Evans Bay is where I was heading.

Which is here... Shelley Bay Road. I caught this guy in front pretty quickly, and sat on his wheel until the Chocolate Fish cafe, where he peeled off for a coffee.

Peter Jackson's house. Not the cigarette guy, the film guy. Bit of a dump really, but there's work going on there, apparently he's getting a cinema built out the back.

The Langster sunning itself at the Army grounds around Shelley Bay. There's all sorts of stuff going on in there, from kids dance classes to hippies art studios.

I was running out of high-end gearing on the Langster, but do you think this is overkill?

I cruised around Oriental Bay and the city after the bays were done. The sheds in the foreground can be seen being ridden on by Dylan Tremblay in the Drop In NZ videos. ** Actually, no they can't... they are down a bit further, and are a bit wider spaced. But you get the idea.

The old and the new. Not sure on either, but apparently the old was once a brothel (so says Big Kahuna). It's now a pub, and is shortlisted for Friday Brews. (Found out the new is the IBM building.)

The beach at Oriental Bay. People getting out their pasty white bodies, soaking it up. I think summer here is going to rock. At least you can still ride in the middle of the day, without risk of heatstroke!


Flametop59 said...

Must be nice to be on the otherside of Winter. I have to get my head around the coming of ski season.

brettok said...

Hey bro.... yeah it was nice to come back to some warmer weather, Wellington is beautiful when the sun shines. Was very hot back in Aus, and it's not even summer.

Mike & Karen said...

You were lucky to get out for a ride on the "other" sunny day we've had in the last 3 weeks.
Welcome home.