Tuesday, October 23, 2007

K-Man's Kanadian Krusade

The K Man and Mad Mick Jones headed over to terrorise the Canadians a few weeks ago and surprisingly came back with limbs and livers intact. I was sure Kedan would've been sporting a cast or bandages or a layering of mecurochrome, but I was sadly disappointed (relieved, I mean relieved). All I heard in the week after his return was "Whistler this, Whistler that, get a downhill bike, shuttles, sick, awesome" etc.... my standard answer, "not gonna happen". But he's over that idea now, and is talking a short-travel race bike to actually race on. From one end of the spectrum to the other. So unlike the K-Man! Looks and sounds like they had some good times in Canada though. I'll do my best to remember what the pics are, or just make it up.

The crew. Staying with the guys was the owner of Pace Cycles in the UK, who have just sold the suspension division to DT Swiss. Think that's him second from left.

The boys pose with a trail sign 'No Duff', in reference to K-Man's boss and owner of Gateshead Cycles Mick Duffey.

Jones says "See that? Not gonna do it!" I think he did it.

I think that's the K-Man under there. I just liked this photo for the dramatic background.

Whistler Village. Some houses and some mountains. The weather turned nasty the next day.

Which made for a great opportunity to throw snowballs at Jonesy.

Stacy Kohut. I'd read about him in mags and seen him on videos. His chair is pretty damn high-tech. He's also a pretty rad sit-skier.

Storm's a-comin! Another pic I just liked the look of, all brooding and threatening.

Jonny Lloyd, one of the guides, who is a bit of a gun on the bike, finishing 15th outright and 2nd in class in the Cheakamus Challenge, no mean feat.

Archie?(I forget) the trail dog. He loves to run and run and...

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kman said...

Actually,Adrian still owns Pace Cycles...he sold off the fork division to DT Swiss.He was testing a 6 inch trail/dually-and was riding like a demon.