Monday, May 01, 2006

Back on track

Some of my doubts over my fitness for the DirtWorks 100 this weekend were dispelled a little with a good race at the HMBA club round yesterday. I rode with Col from his place to Killy, then did the 4 x 8km lap B Grade race and then back again for a 76km day. Just what I needed. The race went better than expected too, I was never lower than 5th, got up to 2nd on the second lap, then was in a battle with two other guys for the rest of the race. On the last lap I caught 3rd at the bottom of the first climb, and a big effort had him dropped by the top. Almost caught 2nd on the last climb, but in the end I settled for 3rd. Scotty didn't have a great time of it and was a fair way back in 5th or 6th, maybe 7th? The ride back to Col's hurt a fair bit, I was cramping and running on empty food-wise, but the km's were worth it. Thanks to Kelly too for cooking me bacon and eggs for lunch, just what the doctor ordered (Col's a doctor, and he ordered Kelly to cook us some eggs!) Now for a few easy spins this week and hopefully a good ride on Sunday. Mission: hopefully repeat my 9th in class and 30th outright from last year. Failing that, just beat Col... and Scott... and maybe Dean.

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