Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Giro on RAI, hold the cheese

It's May, and that can only mean one thing in the road racing world...il Giro d'Italia! Tour of Italy for the road impaired. But if you are relying on mainstream media to keep you informed, far-geddit. Solution: I subscribed to RAI TV on Foxtel...it's the Italian channel, of course. And every night, live Giro coverage. Sure, it starts usually too late for me to be awake, and yeah, the commentary is all in Italian, but it's the Giro!
And let me tell ya, it's a wild experience....some of the most bizzare images in between the racing...dogs interspersed with old people set to a backing track of heavy metal... young girls pulling inappropriate faces... and every night, the same strange audio phenomena... the images of the racing resume after a break... the commentators are obviously talking among themselves... they are quiet and sporadic with whatever it is they are saying...and it's not just a minute or two...oh no, I timed it at 6 minutes the other night. Then all of a sudden, "Eh, bongiorno blah blah blah Bettini, blah blah Basso" etc....weird shit. The racing has been top notch, our Robbie picked up a hat trick of stages, Basso has been ruling in the mountains, and lo and behold, who's that pumping the field in the time trial? JAN! Has done SFA the rest of the race, but that's what the plan is...be in shape for July. Has Basso put all his eggs in one basket, and fried em? Has Jan eaten one too many Bratwursts? These and other food related cycling dilemnas will be answered soon...

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