Friday, May 16, 2008

The tundra is no respecter of fashion

and nor is a Wellington winter. Back in Aus, winter riding meant an undershirt, some arm and knee warmers and maybe a dose of BKW. Here, I add a jacket, skullcap, thick gloves and shoe covers to the mix. Some of our early morning rides have seen the mercury down around 4c, but having good gear has kept me toasty until I get back for my toast. And while I may be a fan of all things PRO, I leave the PRO-kit to those who are paid to wear it, all bar one item; the cap. The more obscure the team the better, but it's an essential item for those of us who are follically challenged (right Josh?). My old gloves just weren't cutting it, so a pair of Louis Garneau's Wind Tex jobs did the trick, along with their booties...if your feet and hands are warm, you've got it made. Some of the best cold gear I've found is by DeFeet, who make awesome arm and knee warmers, and the best damn socks ever, Wool-E-Ators. If they're good enough for Boonen, they're good enough for.. Josh. But don't take my word for it, here's proof in song format...

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Flametop59 said...

I am glad to have shed my cold weather gear for the season.

I bought the same socks at Performance Bicycle. After a while they did not help. Next year I need to invest in some booties.

That video looks like where I went to college. Potsdam, NY. About 15 miles from Canada. It warms up just before it snows.