Monday, April 07, 2008

Josh goes PRO

The angry vegetarian midget was having a dilemna; should he buy a new road bike, or save his money for something he referred to as "life". I said he should adopt my motto of "buy first, think later", but this only seemed to confuse him.
After a few hours of walking around the shop wringing his hands and wracking his brain, the misguided perception that he had other important things to put money towards won out.

By close of business, he'd put his order in, the next day he was building it, and Sunday we christened it with a 90km ride out through the Hutt Valley. That's PRO decision making right there.


Lance A said...

He just needs to buy tri bars and those nasty orange Zoot shorts in the rack(that were designed for him)and enter a triathlon!!

Flametop59 said...

A Tarmac Pro. That is definitely the right priority. I weigh those types of decisions everyday I almost never end up with a new bike. Way to go Josh.

Kahuna said...

You can mail Josh the shorts when they arrive at your house in Perth. They weren't the winners you anticipated them to be, so I've invoiced all the Zoot clothing to your account and shipped it over.

Lance A said...

No way,they are nasty,you can keep them.Maybe you should wear them in the STANDARD DISTANCE TRIATHLON you said you'd do if i finished the Ironman???

Kahuna said...

Good idea,I'll send you the results and a photo. Was there a time limit for the completion of that triathlon?