Sunday, March 30, 2008

Going up

The annual Hawkins Hill Climb Challenge was on this morning, and like any good riders, Josh and I didn't do it. Well, it had been raining all night, was a little bit cold and Josh has a cough.
The premise of the event is MTBers vs roadies vs runners, with the roadies going up Happy Valley road then up to the wind turbine, while the runners and mountain bikers turn off up the Tip Track and suffer that way instead. We had the luxury and hill-climbing power of the Laser. Wellington was blocked out of view by a thick fog, and the runners and MTBers outnumbered the roadies easily.

You know when you get to this gate that the physical pain and mental anguish is almost at an end.

Rob K was one of only three roadies we saw on the way up.

This young fella was going pretty well trying to hold onto Rob, and looked somewhat PRO in the process.

This guy probably could've passed her, but stayed where the view was good.

There's always a Kennett to be found at any Welly MTB event, and this time it was Jonathon representing.

Ant from my 12 hour team with his distinctive but effective upright style.

Jonty stomped his rigid Stumpy up the Tip for second MTBer. Gavin McCarthy took out the overall, getting one up for the off-roaders.

Paul was putting his new Epic Carbon to good use.


kman said...

first there is uphill racing -whats next -who can f#ck the fattest chick? -or , which chick has the biggest beard -you guys have got it all going on!!

kman said...

I've got a new one -who can rub their knob on a cheese grater for the longest -shave down for this one kiddies

brettok said...

well you win the first one...