Friday, March 28, 2008

Back on the radar

We hadn't heard much from Matt for a while, but the big fella is alive and kicking butt in Perth in some crits. We'd hoped he'd given up the triathlon scene, but apparently he's making a return in Ironman Japan soon. Check out how 'PRO' the Pom is on the bike, right down to the British-themed kit. But he doesn't drink black coffee. About the only thing he and I have in common when it comes to being 'PRO'.


Lance said...

Wow,he looks hot,if i was going for my 8th tour he'd be in my team. Yummy!!

brettok said...

Arrright! He speaks again.

That photo isn't as hot as the one of you in the hot-tub with two guys that is still up at work...