Sunday, January 13, 2008

Short but sweet

With Josh and the crew slogging it out around Karapoti, Mike, Rich and myself headed up to Wainui to do a bit more exploration of the new singletrack network under construction. The weather looked dodgier the closer we got to the hill, and by the time we got on the bikes it was drizzling.
We climbed up the fire road, a nasty way to fire the legs into action. I nearly fell off just after taking this shot and trying to turn around to snap a pic of Rich. The track traversed the ridgeline for a little way, then we took what we thought was probably a wrong turn, and doubled back.

After some more uninspiring fireroad, I finally recognised where we were, and we rode the tight, gravel-topped singletrack of Labyrinth, then onto Jungle Gym.

With the drizzle just enough to piss us off, and spat out back at the bottom of the hill, we decided against the tchnical rooty trails on the other side of the hill and headed back to Welly to hot food, cold beer and an arvo of TV. I wonder how the others are going miles from civilisation....

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