Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mike's Maiden Voyage...

...On his new bike. Yep, Mini-Me has bought his third bike since starting working with us in August, this time a sweet new 08 Stumpy Expert to go with his Roubaix and Langster.
There she is (the bike, not Mike). The orange looks pretty cool in the flesh, especially when it's dirty (which Mike doesn't let happen often with his cleaning obsession).

We headed up to Belmont again, this time taking a different route up to the top of 'Danzig', with some cool views over the rural dwellings back to the harbour and city.

We could see over the valley to the Trig climb, 2.5 kms of granny gear grunt to the top.

It was pretty hot on the climb up in the areas shelterd from the breeze but exposed to the sun, so I needed a bit of a kip under a tree at the top... maybe I shouldn't have layed next to a stinging nettle bush though, as I discovered when I got home and found my arms covered in tiny blisters.

The last pinch up to the Trig.

The ride back down to Korokoro creek (river? looks too small...) is pretty cool, mixing steep, rutted sheep tracks with some rainforesty winding singletrack bits.

The ride along the Baked Beans Bend trail is littered with technical creek crossings, big rocks and rooty sections, which make for some challenging, fun riding.

There's actually a pretty wide creek crossing under that log to the left, but I couldn't coax Mike into riding it for the camera. "Ooh, my new bike might get damaged."

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