Sunday, February 01, 2009

Music stirs the soul...

One of the things I've missed most about not having all my possessions here in NZ is music. Yeah, I have an Ipod and a little speaker system for it, but I don't have my full CD and vinyl collection and a decent system to listen to it on. But I get by.

It's cool how certain bands or songs can take you to a time or a place in your life. Well, the soundtrack for my time here (so far) would have to be Sigur Ros. This band hails from Iceland, and on those cold Wellington winter nights, their haunting sound evokes images in my mind of what I imagine the Icelandic landscape would look like, and how the cold would feel on my skin, in my bones, and how that must influence the band to make such beautiful music. This video showcases both the music and the land. Amazing. I think I have to go there.

While watching their videos on youtube, I noticed that there was a link mentioning the Pixies, where they visit Sigur Ros's studio. Great musicians seem to respect and revere each other, and the Pixies have long been at the top of my list, so to find this connection was not entirely a surprise.

I then felt compelled to watch the great band performing during their reformation a couple of years ago, which I lamented missing out on (due to them playing Australia while I was here) back in 07.

Another of my all-time idols would have to be Bowie. In fact, his music changed my whole outlook when I discovered him around the late 70's as a teenager (me, not him). I delved into his entire back catalogue, and things would never be the same (and then the Pixies came along). Bowie is a huge Pixies fan too, and has covered their song 'Cactus' and done a pretty good job I think.

Which led me to this: a cover of Bowie's song 'Heroes' by Adrian Belew and Martha Wainwright. I remember watching this when it aired on SBS show Rockwiz. I was at Phillipa and Steve's place, it was a Saturday night and we were all in awe at this amazing performance. Phillipa's son Sam made comment of Martha's sexy aura and great voice, and I'd have to agree with his assessment.

Martha had also appeared on Rockwiz previously, dueting with Dan Kelly (without his Alpha Males). Once again, I remember witnessing this at Phillipa's house, and once again, we were blown away. Martha seems to be able to strike up an instant rapport with whoever she is performing, and her voice fits beautifully with the smooth pipes of Kelly here.

Also appearing on Rockwiz was NZ singer Anika Moa, possessor of one of the best voices and the cutest dimples and facial expressions I've ever seen/heard. This song will always have a place in my heart, and will carry me back to these shores, no matter where I may be. Music is a powerful force, and can take you anywhere you want, all over the world, and through time, without leaving your chair.


Mike and Karen said...

"I delved into his entire back catalogue, and things would never be the same (until the Pixies came along)."

So were things the same after the Pixies came along?

brettok said...

The same, but different....

Flametop59 said...

Adrian is as fluid as Jeff Beck. This is really cool since Mr. Belew played with Bowie on the Heroes tour. I do not think he play on the original.