Friday, December 26, 2008

Festivus: Bikes, bats, balls, beers (and Bolts!)

Festivus 08 turned out to be a great day. Ratas had it all planned out, a ride in the morning and eating, drinking and being merry in the afternoon.

Of course the Bays were calling, and the views of the city were great as always.

Karl was getting a little bit over-excited about the Pohutakawa trees in blossom. They do look pretty spectacular though, and apparently if they are in bloom before Festivus then we are in for a good, long summer.

The Petanque was hotly contested and the skills were finely honed. The front yard proved to be a better surface than the back.

The Ratahi's back yard isn't exactly ideal for cricket either, but we kept the Kiwi/Aussie rivalry alive with the usual Aussie dominance prevailing, until I managed to injure myself (again) and had to administer some more hop-based painkillers. Of course the 'underarm incident' was dragged up during the game, by Claire who isn't even a real Kiwi!

On the way over I was following this bus, which reminded me of my cat Bolts back in Aus.

I'd bought a bottle of red in his honour also, and I wondered what the little fella was up to....

Well he was filling my seat and eating prawns apparently!

I hope everyone had a good Festivus.

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Flametop59 said...

Even though you did not find a new mountain bike under the aluminum pole it does look like you had a good time. Not a bad way to celebrate.

Have a happy New Year. Hopefully 2009 is a vast improvement over 2008.