Monday, October 06, 2008

More news from Whaka

*I've recovered really well from the pain of Saturday. Carl and I decided to wing it back to Welly after rain set in on Sunday and was forecast to continue Monday. Today was a beautiful day in Wellington, and a nice cruise around the bays on the road bike was just the tonic, for mind and body.

*The results are up. Karl and I equal 7th (Masters) in 6 hours 8 minutes, and God Carl was 15th in Open in 5:51.

*There was $1000 on the line for anyone finishing under 5 hours, and four freaks went under, with Scott Thorne winning the cash in an incredible 4:43! I can't imagine the pain they must've put themselves through to ride that fast for that long.

*There was also a grand for any woman to go under 5:45, and Annika Smail blitzed it with an amazing 5"07!

*Josh said he wouldn't have had any mercy on Karl if he was in my position, but all I would've gained was a few minutes and no places. I'm glad we finished together, but next time you're gone Ratas!

*All the 6am road rides through winter that Karl, Josh and I did really helped, not only with the physical side but mentally... dragging yourself out of bed in the pitch black and freezing cold really toughened us up.

*Karl said he "learnt a lot about himself" during the race. I can't remember what it was, but I learnt that suspension and gears are great inventions.

*Not that those SS freaks care, Garth Weinberg did a 5:03 (with a suspension fork) while Marcello did a 5:22 fully rigid (both on 29ers).

*The course marking arrows were emblazoned with Burger Fuel logos, and by the 80km mark I was craving a big lump of burnt cow. But I got over it.


kman said...

Good job boys,I am proud of you.Kath wants one of you to father her children.

brettok said...

I'll ask Karl if he's got a spare five minutes...

kman said...

I don't know if she wants 5 kids

Josh said...

Karl can't have kids. That brutal SDG I-beam saddle he rides around on saw to that long ago. It's up to you, Brett.

one_uknw said...

What was Carl riding?

brettok said...

Scott Genius